Our Challenges

Recognizing Family Business


Currently, business statistics in Europe are very much focused on the size of the company, be it number of employees or turnover. Indeed the European Union’s SME definition follows this logic. European Family Businesses is of the belief that the current statistical understanding of the business environment is incomplete.

By completing the statistical understanding of Europe’s businesses through the dimension of ownership, policy makers and wider stakeholders would be able to better formulate policies that would support the growth and prosperity of European business, and lead to a true knowledge based economy.

EFB Calls for

  • The compilation of yearly family businesses statistics in the Member States and by Eurostat.

Read our Policy Papers & Studies

For more information please read the 2008 expert group report on family business and the accompanying study entitled ‘Overview of family business relevant issues’. Please also see the 2015 own-initiative European Parliament report on Family Businesses in Europe