EFB’s vision is

The European Union, as a global vehicle that promotes the sustainable social market economic model, actively supports the role of family businesses as the cornerstone of responsible ownership and long-term entrepreneurship.

EFB’s mission is 

To promote the growth and continuity of family businesses in Europe, through a European project based on freedom, shared values, the rule of law, prosperity and social justice.

EFB’s main goals for a sustainable, competitive, and entrepreneurial European economy

  1. Transfer of Business: regulatory framework (legal, fiscal and administrative) should support family business continuity;
  2. Strengthening Equity: level playing field for equity as a source of finance;
  3. Entrepreneurship education: education at all levels should promote entrepreneurial behaviour in existing businesses and foster new generations of responsible business owners;
  4. Statistics: a regular collection of robust data on the presence and contribution of family businesses to the EU economy;
  5. Administrative Burden: needless red tape is cut for family business.