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EFB Position papers

  • Debt vs Equity

    EFB outlines the need to put equity on a level playing field with debt.
  • Entrepreneurship Education

    With this Paper, European Family Businesses recognises all the actions that are being promoted at the European Level on the ... Read More
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship

    This paper outlines EFB's view on how to foster entrepreneurship.
  • Corporate governance framework

    EFB is of the opinion that there is no need for compulsory codes or measures to regulate the governance of ... Read More
  • EFB Fiscal Issues

    With this paper, European Family Businesses describes the fiscal issues related to family businesses, which are of key importance to ... Read More
  • EFB Expert Group

    With this paper, European Family Businesses summarize the European Commission’s Report of the Expert Group on Family Businesses.
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