Mid-Caps: METI “For a European Mittlestand”

On the 10th April 2024, our French member METI held a meeting under the title of “For a European Mittlestand”. European Family Businesses was invited to participate. Here participants from across Europe (in particular from France, Spain, Germany and Portugal) engaged in several informative discussions on the topic offering different perspectives before French senators and members of the French Parliament.

There was also a meeting with Mr. Tristan Aureau, Chief of Staff, and Adelaide Dewavrin, Advisor for Economic Affairs to Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate for Europe.

European Family Business’ Secretary General Mr Jesus Casado provided insights into the challenges and expectations facing mid-caps at the European level. Here he noted that the priority should be the creation of a mid-cap category instead of enlarging the SME definition. This category should be larger than the small-mid cap definition proposed by the European Commission. He also gave suggestions regarding particular measures that could be applied to mid-cap companies.

EFB will be publishing a new mid-cap paper soon!

In the meantime, for more information on the Mid-Cap issue visit our 2022 report with KPMG on Bridging the Mid-Cap Gap and METI’s website.