The EESC Opinion on Family Business (2015)

On 22 January 2015, the European Economic and Social Committee, acting under Rule 29(2)…

European Family Business Barometer – Determined to succeed

In the 4th edition of the European Family Business Barometer, European Family Businesses (EFB)…

European Parliament report 2015 on family businesses

The Constitutionality of the German Inheritance Tax Regime for Family Entrepreneurs

On the 17th of December 2014, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that elements of…

European Family Business Barometer – A more confident outlook

In this third bi-annual European Family Business Barometer, European Family Businesses (EFB) and KPMG…

Debt Bias in Corporate Taxation and the Costs of Banking Crises in the EU (October 2014)

During the period 2008-2012, EU governments incurred substantial costs bailing out banks. As corporate…

European Family Business Barometer – Setting the pace for growth

The latest figures from the Eurozone may be predicting restrictive growth figures but for…

Addressing the Debt Bias: A Comparison between the Belgian and the Italian ACE Systems (June 2014)

This paper reviews the experiences of Belgium and Italy with ACE-type systems of corporate…

European Family Businesses Tax Monitor 2014

EFB and KPMG have teamed up to launch the first European Family Business Tax…

European Family Business Barometer

Read the document below….

The Debt-Equity Tax Bias: consequences and solutions (June 2012)

The tax deductibility of interest payments in most corporate income tax systems coupled with…

EFB Note on Debt Bias

As a complement to the ‘Debt and Equity’ policy paper, this paper outlines the…

Consultation on the Entrepreneurship2020 Action Plan

This paper outlines EFB’s priorities for boosting Entrepreneurship accross the European Union….

Family Business in the Netherlands: Characteristics and Success Factors

This study, directed by prof. Dr. Roberto Flören and prof. Dr. Lorraine Uhlaner, presents…

Commission Recommendation on the Transfer of Business

In 1994, for the first time, the European Commission published recommendations to support the transfer of SMEs….

Family Business Expert Group Report


Comunication on Transfer of Business 2006

Comunication on Transfer of Business 1998

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