EFB presents its vision for the future of Europe at the 5th European Family Business Summit

Launched in conjunction with the 5th European Family Businesses Summit, on the 6th of November, EFB released its Future of Europe paper. With this paper, we highlights some of the main challenges facing Europe and family businesses alike and propose some recommendations.

Our priorities for the future of Europe are: completing the single market, rebalancing the EU economy by promoting long-term sustainable financing, ensuring that Europe’s citizens are equipped with the right skills for the future, concluding more ambitious trade deals, and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Fundementally, we believe that now if the time for the people of Europe, together with their leaders, to decide together what kind of European Union they want to leave for the next generation.

Europe can be proud of what has been achieved and the European Union must cherish and better communicate its legacy and achievements, while redefining its purpose for the long-term.