The Czech & Slovak Family Businesses (CSFB) Association

Lenka Beinhoff, Founding President of Czech Slovak Family Business, introduces the new family business association in central Europe.

Written by Lenka Beinhoff, Founding President CSFB and CEO Beinhoff & Co. AG

The Czech & Slovak Family Businesses (CSFB) Association is the leading network for local family businesses in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. With its headquarter in Bratislava, CSFB was founded in 2014 by a group of dedicated entrepreneurial families which recognized the urgent need to build a professional network giving support to local families. In general, the mission of CSFB is to help enterprising families to successfully grow and prosper for generations. 

Due to the former communist regime, local families, wishing to build a successful family legacy, lack the appropriate expertise in developing a multi-generational family business. They are challenged by the ongoing transition between the first and the second generation reducing the rate of successful successions in both countries.

One of the main goals of CSFB is to offer its members a unique platform for an exclusive exchange of their experiences; to give them access to high-quality education and latest research developments on issues of family businesses; and networking opportunities with successful multi-generational family businesses from around the world.

CSFB aims to support entrepreneurial families as a group and empower two sub-groups “the next generations” and “women in family businesses” as precious sources of human capital in the family enterprises. Through united forces and mutual co-operation, CSFB wants to promote growth and sustainability of family businesses in both countries. The long-term vision of CSFB is to become an active member of leading international networks such as European Family Business Network (EFB) contributing to the overall development of family businesses worldwide.