State of the Union address

The European Commission President’s State of the Union address 2023, which took place on the 13 September, addressed a variety of key issues relating to the competitiveness of the EU Single Market and the twin transition. Some of the key points mentioned include:

  • the launch of clean transition dialogue with European industries,
  • a legislative proposal to reduce reporting obligations at the EU level by 25%. 
  • the need of companies to access key technologies not only for innovation but also to develop and to manufacture,
  • the importance of the finalisation of Free Trade Agreements,
  • a Critical Raw Materials Club,
  • the appointment of an EU SME Envoy reporting directly to the Commission President and;
  • the report on the future competitiveness of Europe which Mr Mario Draghi has been asked to carry out.

The proposals put forth by the Commission are a critical reminder of the need to make the EU’s Single Market a place where businesses can grow with less barriers, less administrative burdens and a more sustainable approach.