Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on Family businesses in Europe as a source of renewed growth and better jobs

Key points

The EESC calls for:

  •  an active strategy promoting best practices on family businesses among Member States to be implemented;
  •  preparation of a legal framework on family businesses, which would include a commonly acceptable definition of a family business;
  •  a family business category to be included in European statistics and national data on family business to be gathered in an effective way;
  •  better regulation on the transfer of family businesses from one generation to the next;
  •  the family organisational climate and innovation among family firms to be promoted;
  •  education to be developed and research promoted in the area of family entrepreneurship;
  •  family farms to be supported and cooperative-based entrepreneurship redeveloped;
  •  tax deductions to be introduced on reinvested profits, and opportunities for family businesses to increase their capital without granting voting rights;
  •  active cooperation at EU level with organisations representing family businesses.