EFB Press release: European Commission VP Dombrovskis at EFB Summit 2021

Brussels, 25rd May 2021

 “EU trade agenda can help European companies to accelerate their recovery from Covid-19“

Today EFB had the chance to welcome European Commission’s Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis for the official opening of this year’s EFB-Summit.

With regards to the Commission’s strategy to support companies through EU recovery funds during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, VP Dombrovskis pointed out that all upcoming European Commission measures will support for Family Businesses, SME´s and Entrepreneurs.

On trade, the Vice-President highlighted the economic importance and key role of Family Businesses in Europe, saying “EU companies of all sizes, including Family Businesses, will be of high importance to strengthen our open and assertive EU Trade policy as our export markets recover. We want to exploit the full potential of global markets to support our entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, create jobs, and help to ensure Europe’s prosperity. “

On the updated industrial strategy, he noted that companies of all sizes have to be supported on the journey to a green and digital future. Furthermore, the European Commission has taken into account Family Businesses as a key driver in the long term health and growth of the EU economy. On business transfers, VP Dombrovskis shared a clear message to the audience, ‘the European Commission has realized the importance of reducing possible barriers of for the Transfer of Business for family businesses.”

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