Message from the President

The past 6 months have been a whirlwind, not just for our family business community but for the whole of society. COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect globally and thrown our societies and economies into complete disrepute. My best wishes go to all our members, families and friends, and my sincere condolences are offered to those who have experienced hardship and loss throughout this crisis.

In terms of an effect on EFB, we have seen the cancellation of our 2020 summit and several events, however I believe that the crisis has also forced us to come together as a community. The solidarity shown amongst the family business community has been second to none, with all member chapters keen to pass on their knowledge and good practices to others in our COVID-19 webinars. As an organisation, we have done well to navigate through the crisis and work to influence the response on an EU scale, providing valuable input to decision makers in the EU and beyond. As we start the return to some form of normality, we have a real chance to play a key part as the pioneers of responsible business. With our family business values and commitment to sustainability and resilience, we have the chance to give back in the rebuilding of our economies and society. This is the time for family businesses to shine. I wish you all well and hope that you continue to stay safe, and, travel permitting, I hope to see you all soon.