EFB meets with Kerstin Jorna

EFB meets with Kerstin Jorna

At their Board Meeting on 20th October, EFB’s Board members were joined by Kerstin Jorna, the Director General for DG GROW, European Commission DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Kerstin Jorna InterventionMs Jorna joined the meeting to speak to EFB about her proposed workplan for DG GROW and to learn more about the organisation and the role of family businesses and their vital contribution to the European Business ecosystem. Recognising the vital role of family businesses to the fabric of Europe, Ms Jorna explained that:
“What makes Family Businesses are that they build business models around values and continuity, not short-termism. These are what we need as an anchor in the way we will rebuild this recovery.”

In her insightful and informative intervention, Ms Jorna outlined the European Commission’s desire to hear from EFB on several topics, including on the need for a medium-sized business definition for Europe, the role of business owners and philanthropy, the possibility of EFB participating in a transfer of business workshop and the possibility of participating in the Portuguese Presidency Competitiveness Council.

EFB looks forward to a productive relationship with Ms Jorna and hope to work closely with her team in DG GROW in the near future.

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