EFB General Assembly

In May, EFB held its first GA of the year and Alfonso Libano chaired his first assembly as EFB’s President.

President Libano reviewed EFB’s activities of the previous 12 months, including national visits to EFB’s chapters and various meetings with high ranking EU officials. Mr Libano explained that EFB was working through the SME network to ensure that the transfer of business is back on the EU agenda. In addition, he noted that EFB would work tirelessly to ensure that all members would be consulted under the EU’s European Semester.

Regarding the EFB and its member involvement, the GA agreed that it is a priority for people to feel involved and to find their participation in EFB valuable. On the yearly Summit, which this year will be held in Lisbon (see above more details), the GA confirmed that the event is of crucial importance for EFB and must continue to be a success.

Regarding EFB external communication, President Libano explained that it would be his priority to ensure that EFB and its chapters are heard and visible in Brussels and beyond. President Libano noted that it was crucial that EFB gains more recognition from other institutions, namely the European Council and the EESC. The GA warmly endorsed this message and many other participants echoed tis sentiment EFB’s external communication would need to be greatly improved.

Finally, the GA approved the membership of the Andorran Family Business Association (see below for more details).