EFB elects new member of Executive Committee

Following our 2020 General Assembly, EFB are glad to announce the election of Anca Vlad to executive committee. A first-generation business owner, Vlad founded her

Pharmaceutical business, Fildas-Catena Group, in 1991. Elected unanimously, Vlad takes up her position until 2023, when she will be eligible for re-election.

An influential figure in the business world in Romania, Vlad is coveted with several awards.
In 2019 alone, Vlad was recognised as “The Most Powerful Business Woman” in Romania by Capital Gala, “The Most Influential Business Personality” in Romania by Forbes Gala and won 1st place in the Top 50 Women in Economics, awarded by The National Confederation for Women Entrepreneur (CONAF), within the “Women in Economy”Gala.

Executive Committee member Jan Kornelis van Oord of FBNed was also unanimously re- elected for a renewable four year term.