SPRING – Final dissemination event

Together with its friends from EDHEC Business School, EFB organized the final dissemination event of the SPRING EU-Project on the 3rd of December 2021.

Under the event description “Lessons on succession and regeneration of family businesses in Europe

for a sustainable growth”, the audience had the chance to participate in a virtual visit and a live family business case.

Léopold Marraud des Grottes, Co-CEO and 2nd generation, ELITIS, France shared his inspiring family business succession and growth story with the audience.

This was followed by a panel discussion with European leading family business experts and members on the challenges, pitfalls and lessons of a succession process conducive to growth.

Mr. Jesus Casado, Secretary General, European Family Businesses, Ms Rania Labaki (Associate Professor and Director, EDHEC Family Business Research Centre), Mr Georges Maregiano (Partner and Head of Family Business mid and large cap market KPMG France), Mr Léopold Marraud des Grottes (Co-CEO and second-generation family business member, ELIT/5, France) and Mr Thomas van Waeyenberge (Member of the board of FBN Belgium) shared their high-level experience and thoughts from several family business perspectives. Afterward the audience had the chance to ask several questions to the panel.

The event concluded with the major outputs of the SPRING EU project.

Succession and regeneration remain among the main challenges that European family businesses face. From 2019 to 2021, the SPRING EU consortium explored these challenges and developed a series of outputs that support family businesses in dealing with them to ensure sustainable growth. These include a succession handbook, an educational and consulting e-program, a mobile app and a series of seminars and conferences.

To get more Information on the SPRING project and Its outputs to support family businesses please follow: www.euspring.eu