2020 KPMG Global Tax Monitor

KPMG’s 2020 Global Tax Monitor explores the situation of taxation on family businesses in 54 countries, regions, and jurisdictions. It explores the principal factors impacting the transfer of business and succession process across the globe. The main theme of 2020’s monitor is “Charting a path for the future”, something that has been made more challenging thanks […]

2018 Global family business tax monitor

KPMG Enterprise’s Global family business tax monitor examines main differences (locations,…) in 65 countries, regions and jurisdictions and how they can influence the successful transition of family businesses from one generation to the next. The monitor highlights also the effects tax can have on the transfer of a business worth EUR10 million to family members — […]

KPMG’s Family Business Tax Monitor

Released on April 6th, 2016, the KPMG’s Family Business Tax Monitor concludes that while tax regimes around the world vary greatly, in general, countries are supporting and encouraging investment and growth in family businesses, with low tax liabilities for the transfer of businesses to the next generation upon retirement or inheritance. Where tax is due, […]

European Family Businesses Tax Monitor 2014

EFB and KPMG have teamed up to launch the first European Family Business Tax Monitor which compares the tax treatment of inter-generational family business transfers in 23 European countries.