The Social Contribution of Family Businesses in the Netherlands

FBNed and Stichting Familie Onderneming ( the Family Enterprise Foundation) commissioned a study conducted by SEO Amsterdam Economics which maps the contributions made by family businesses in the Netherlands. You can find the full study in the attached document. For more information visit FBNed’s website.

Tax Governance Code by VNO-NCW

In February 2021, VNO-NCW announced in its agenda for 2030 ‘Ondernemen voor brede welvaart’ thatthe business community would develop a Tax Governance Code. This Tax Governance Code should lead to more transparency on the tax position of Dutch listed companies and could, in future, be incorporated into the Corporate Governance Code. Taxes are a vital […]

Family Businesses in the Netherlands

The latest report from CBS looks at Family Businesses in the Netherlands between 2015 and 2018. In the paper, we learn, amongst other things, that 93% of family businesses in the Netherlands are owned by 1 family, and of the top 500 performing businesses in the Netherlands, half of these are owned by families or single […]

Vocational guidance and dual training


This report, performed by Instituto de la Empresa Familiar, analyses youth unemployment from the point of view fo the skills sets of the human capital. 

Competitiveness and financial analysis factors in Family Businesses


There are many factors that contribute to the smooth running or dynamism of family businesses, such as market demand, the country´s economic situation, the competition of the sector, the institutional framework or the cost of financing. In this study, IEF pays more attention to factors that play a decisive role in their competitiveness, especially in […]