EFB Position on COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest challenge our society has faced in modern times. It also represents the first time we, as a society, have had to focus on a temporary issue. The crisis has caused extremely uncertain times for the whole world, but no more so than for our businesses. The importance of our […]

EFB position on the European Green Deal

A call to action! The European Green Deal is the most ambitious project ever undertaken to reverse the effects of man-made climate change. Europe’s response to this climate emergency is ambitious and far-reaching. Government, businesses, non-governmental organizations and citizens must unite to deliver on the Green Deal. Family businesses, as the producers of goods and […]

EFB Position Paper on the New Europe

We are living in an extraordinary and challenging time for Europe. For it to survive to help the Next Generation, the EU must renew itself. Discover our Position Paper on the New Europe, launched today in conjunction with the 5th European Family Businesses Summit.

EFB Position Paper on SME Listing

Do we need to encourage more family SMEs to list or are there better ways of injecting capital into a business? In response to the Commission’s consultation on building a proportionate regulatory environment to support SME listing, EFB lays out its recommendations on what family businesses need.