Competitiveness and financial analysis factors in Family Businesses


There are many factors that contribute to the smooth running or dynamism of family businesses, such as market demand, the country´s economic situation, the competition of the sector, the institutional framework or the cost of financing. In this study, IEF pays more attention to factors that play a decisive role in their competitiveness, especially in […]

Global and Regional Trends in Corporate Governance for 2017

Russell Reynolds Associates recently interviewed numerous institutional and activist investors, pension fund managers, public company directors and other governance professionals about the trends and challenges that public company boards will face in 2017. Our conversations yielded a wide array of perspectives about the forces that are driving change in the corporate governance landscape.

The Profitability of Corporate Governance in Family Owned Companies

In emerging markets 60% of companies with a turnover of US$ 1Bn and above are family owned. In some cases, such as in Latin America, India and South East Asia, the percentage is 70% or even higher. The high presence of this type of companies in emerging economies means they have a strong responsibility in […]